Our philosophy is to deliver outstanding litigation work and build great client relationships.

Our Areas of Law

Administrative law is the area of law that regulates some government decision-making and the interpretation of laws.

An administrative law dispute arises when someone seeks to challenge a decision made by a regulatory authority or government department. This might be a decision to refuse an application you have lodged or cancel an existing licence or registration. If you are adversely affected by this decision, or you think it has been unfairly made, you can apply to have the decision formally reviewed.

Administrative law processes appear in many areas of ordinary life but navigating them can be complex and daunting. Examples of administrative law processes include freedom of information requests, access to records including health records, and having Centrelink decisions reviewed.

At Holdstock Law, we have a thorough understanding of administrative law and regulatory issues affecting the public and private sectors, including statutory interpretation and the appeals process.

Our experience includes working with individuals, small businesses and big corporations including healthcare providers, statutory authorities and government departments to provide them with expert advice on how to protect their rights and preserve their interests.

Commercial law focuses on the laws that govern commerce, trade, sales and merchandising, and the rights and conduct of the people and businesses engaged in these activities.

At Holdstock Law, we have extensive experience advising clients across a range of commercial law matters including:

  • the sale and purchase of small businesses
  • contract law
  • corporate advisory and compliance
  • employment law
  • franchise agreements
  • governance requirements

We take the time to fully understand our clients’ businesses and commercial drivers, allowing us to provide practical and timely legal advice that’s tailored to their specific circumstances. We provide expert advice to boards and governing entities regarding privacy, freedom of information and best practice.

Our clients include statutory authorities, government departments, healthcare providers and aged care facilities.

Commercial litigation describes disputes that result from commercial relationships. Disputes can arise in any sort of business relationship, often relating to contracts and partnerships or among shareholders.

At Holdstock Law, we have experience in general litigation in all jurisdictions – from VCAT to the Court of Appeal and Federal Court. We’re experienced with commercial litigation matters including:

  • aged care
  • body corporate disputes
  • contracts including supply contracts, joint ventures and contracts for services
  • discrimination / equal opportunity
  • intellectual property
  • large debt matters
  • leases
  • partnerships
  • property

We understand the importance of protecting your commercial relationships and respecting your company’s values and brand during the dispute process. We’re committed to supporting our clients with advice that is commercially astute and legally sound.

Our commercial litigation clients include large companies, government departments, statutory authorities and regulators.

Building and construction litigation addresses claims and disputes that arise during the construction process.

At Holdstock Law, we have experience in back-end construction disputes from security of payment disputes* to Supreme Court trials for multinational construction companies.

Whether you’re a small domestic builder, a subcontractor or a large developer, our comprehensive understanding of the regulatory environment and legal aspects of the construction industry allows us to support you with considered and cost-effective legal advice.

We understand that an ongoing dispute can delay your project and create significant cost overruns. With this in mind, we work with our clients to resolve claims and disputes quickly and effectively, minimising disruption to your business and projects.

* If you have a security of payment claim or are in receipt of an invoice that you dispute that references security of payment legislation, please contact us without delay. Strict time limitations apply and may vary depending on the nature of your claim.

Employment law is designed to protect employees from mistreatment in the workplace. It covers aspects including workplace bullying, discrimination and harassment, unfair dismissal and redundancy.

At Holdstock Law, we understand that your contract of employment and rights as an employee are central to your financial security. We work with clients to provide practical, cost-effective legal advice and solutions pertaining to a range of work-related matters including:

  • discrimination and harassment
  • employment contracts
  • equal opportunity
  • redundancy entitlements
  • unfair and constructive dismissal*
  • workplace bullying
  • workplace investigations

We’ll handle your employment dispute with discretion and diplomacy, ensuring your rights are protected and your reputation and financial stability are preserved.

We have experience handling workplace disputes in both the Fair Work Commission and Federal Court.

* If you believe that you have been unfairly terminated, please contact us without delay. You only have 21 days from the date of termination to apply to the Fair Work Commission with an unfair dismissal claim.

At Holdstock Law, we work closely with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and the associated boards to protect people using health services.

Principal Jennifer Holdstock has more than fifteen years of experience in health profession regulation, having represented AHPRA and its 15 health profession boards in many high-profile cases around Australia. Her extensive knowledge in this area means she is regularly asked to prosecute cases that pertain to the conduct, performance and health of medical practitioners.

At Holdstock Law, we help our clients navigate the healthcare industry’s complex regulatory and legal environment across a broad range of matters including:

  • contract disputes
  • coronial inquests
  • discrimination complaints
  • privacy complaints
  • professional negligence claims
  • property disputes
  • public liability claims

Principal Jennifer Holdstock has more than a decade of experience in health profession regulation and litigation. Generous with her extensive knowledge, she guides clients through the vagaries associated with the healthcare sector, providing them with responsive and practical legal advice.

Holdstock Law’s healthcare clients include hospitals and health services, aged care facilities, statutory authorities and government departments.

How are we different?

First-class advice

At Holdstock Law, we’re proud of our first-class expertise and experience. Accomplished litigators, we take a holistic and practical approach to supporting our clients – this often involves exploring alternatives to pursuing a legal claim where this might not be the most sensible or cost-effective approach.

Excellent value

At Holdstock Law, we believe that everyone should have access to quality, affordable legal advice. Unlike a lot of large law firms, we focus on achieving the best results for our clients rather than billable hours. We pride ourselves on providing sound and practical advice which achieves quality outcomes at affordable rates.

Genuine care

At Holdstock Law, we understand that the litigation process can feel foreign, scary and stressful. We take the time to build genuine relationships with our clients, giving them the confidence that we understand their situation and will support them on their legal journey.

We are here to support your legal journey